It all started with a chef whose nickname was ‘La Vieille’ – ‘the Old Woman’ – though she was only 25. Adrienne was exactly like her cuisine: French and authentic, a real strong temperament. She made a success of Chez La Vieille for more than 30 years. All the spirit of Les Halles remains in the walls of Chez la Vieille and in its recipes.
Daniel Rose fell in love with Chez La Vieille the first time he ate there in 2009.
Today thanks to him, Chez La Vieille has reopened more joyful and ‘canaille’ than ever.
You can stand, you can sit, you can share it all….
Come and sit at the zinc bar, La Vieille will take good care of you!

À la Carte

N° 3 oysters 3€ each
Herring and potato salad 9 €
Celery rémoulade, sautéed bulots 11 €
Rabbit compote salad 12 €
Salade Adrienne 11 €
Bouillon Ajumma 10 €
Tête de veau, sauce ravigote 12 €
Rabbit kidneys on toast 9 €
Foie gras and lentils 14 €

Fish of the day, turnips, fennel, clementine butter 25 €
Blanquette de veau 26 €
Beef shoulder with bone marrow 25 €
Duck breast with roasted butternut squash 24 €

Cheese of the day

Lemon tart 8 €
Pink praline rice pudding 6 €
Crème caramel 6 €

If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance! Our cooks will be happy to accommodate you.

1 rue Bailleul, 75001 Paris, France
Metro ligne 1, Louvre-Rivoli


The restaurant is open for Lunch from Tuesday to Saturday, from Noon – 2PM, and for Dinner from 6pm-10:30pm

Please note we will be closed for the holidays from December 23 to the 25, and from December 30 to January 3. 

Events, privatisation:
Offering dinner, a bottle, Daniel’s cookbook:

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Daniel Rose started to cook because he likes to eat. Before becoming a chef, Daniel studied ancient Greek, dreamed of kayaking from Texas to Guatemala, and even tried to join the French Foreign Legion. Having moved to Paris to complete University, he fell in love with French cuisine and started to cook for himself. He began to learn on a coal burning stove in Brittany, and he is still learning today. On his way he met Marie-Aude and probably took the best decision of his entire life: marry her. From the 16 seats at the very first Spring on rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, to the today’s Spring on rue Bailleul, 10 years have passed. Willie and Otto were born. La Bourse et la Vie too. Chez La Vieille re-opens and Le Coucou is taking off.

‘Le meilleur est à venir !’

Joonho grew up in South Korea. As a child he was very picky eater— refusing to eat the same thing two-days in a row, which made more work for his mom. He went on to do his military service… as a cook. Later, his passion took him across the Pacific to study at the Culinary Institute Of America. After a great experience at Blue Hill Stone Barn and Blue Hill NY, he returned to South Korea to work in a Japanese restaurant in Jeju. Wanting to learn the art of French cooking, he joined our team at La Bourse & La Vie with Hugo Richer. After 2 years there, Joonho is now “chez lui”, Chez La Vieille

Parties larger than 6 should reach out to us directly to reserve a table.

Reservations are for the dining room only. We do not take reservations for the bar, but we do serve the full menu and welcome you to join us for a dinner and a drink. 

Please note, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation
we may not be able to honor your booking.

Thank you for your understanding.

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